From cutting and setting to design and retail, the process is kept in-house, allowing us to offer exceptional value and spectacular jewellery. 

We believe in transparency. Our diamonds have been ethically sourced, independently graded and are accredited by unbiased third party experts. Every piece is sold at a competitive price that we are proud to stand behind. 


We believe in bringing the finest stonesfrom mine to yours’.

ADARA is a subsidiary of one of South Africa’s largest and most respected diamond and jewellery wholesale and manufacturing companies. Strong relationships with the world’s largest diamond companies enable us to procure, cut and certify ethically sourced diamonds that are produced in line with stringent principles and best practices.

Our strict pricing and mark-up policy ensures that all our pieces are offered at a price that we are proud to stand behind. As a result, we don’t offer retail discounts, but make every effort to remain at the forefront of competitive pricing through our international relationships and internal diamond wholesale division.


We believe in craftsmanship.

At ADARA we offer a wide selection of beautifully proportioned, contemporary classic jewellery. We go to great lengths to source and design pieces that are not only beautiful, but also as timeless as the moments they will celebrate. 

Whatever the occasion might be – the birthday of a beloved friend, a spectacular achievement by a loved one or the perfect engagement, our wide range of selections caters to a variety of needs. If you are unable to find the perfect item for that special someone, our in-house design team will design, render and manufacture it for you. We also offer a selection of loose diamonds, making finding a piece to match your price point so much easier.